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by Admin on July 12, 2007

You Make Crafts!!!

You Spend a Ton of Money on Crafting Supplies!!!
Now… You Need To Sell Some Crafts To Pay For More Supplies!!! 
Well sunny days are here, no more wondering if you can make money selling your stuff. :)
You can make money selling home made gifts and home decor if you know how.
Where do you begin? What business information do you really need? Where do you get ideas for selling your stuff?
It's all here… all the secrets and information for starting and running a home based craft business. Exciting stuff, huh?

Debra Conrad THAT Painter Lady

Debra Conrad, THAT Painter Lady is dishing up the dirt on starting and maintaining a craft business.  (That's Me) 
Getting into the business of marketing my own products wasn't hard. I started at an early age with my family and so the business just progressed from then on.  As my business grew, I became more proficient at:
  • Set up and tear down of my booth
  • Customer Service
  • Display
  • Pricing
  • Advertising
  • Production of Product
  • Product Design
  • Filling custom orders
  • and a boat load of other secrets to selling my stuff.
Over the years I created products from wood, fabric, paint, architectural salvage and plain old junk.  I painted furniture, made jewelry from egg cartons and dolls out of quilts. It was so much fun and profitable… for over 15 years.  I finally hit that time of my life when I just had to start sharing my knowledge instead of creating new products.  
Baby Boomers are a unique group of the population. As a boomer, I find that I am too young to even think about "retirement". But… I have so much information to share with young entrepreneurs that I just have to spit it out
If you have a question that you just can't find the answer for:
  • Where do I start?
  • What do I sell?
  • Is this a good product?
  • What price should I be charging?
  • Where are the good craft shows?
  • Can I sell online?
  • What are the most popular trends in crafts?
You can ask me anything.  I will be happy to help you research and find the answer to your most burning questions. 
This artist can also help you in so many other ways: 
  • Help you set up a website
  • Help you design a logo
  • Help you design graphics for your company
  • Help you design business cards, fliers, press releases and portfolios
  • Help you design a booth
  • Help you get started with record keeping business practices
  • And… so many other little things that never seem to get done.
You can always contact me at:  debra@thatpainterlady.com
Or you can fill out the contact form available at the right. Just click on the big question mark and I will be happy to help you in anyway I can. 


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